My Top Five Couples in honor of #BlackHistoryMonth #Past&Present

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I read an interesting article by LaDawn Black celebrating Black History in honor of her top 10 couples…I agreed for the most part and thought that I would minimize it to the Top 5 Power Couples in honor of BLACK HISTORY MONTH!

  1. First Lady Michelle & President Barack Obama: Balancing family priorities and power
    Talk about a marriage that rekindled America’s interest in love! Right now, the Obamas are the go-to couple on how to have it all and still keep your eye on what is most important in life: the health and success of your family. They’re a young and powerful couple juggling romantic nights on the town, two kids and the future of our nation; President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama exemplify the modern multitasking couple that still finds time to keep the home fires raging.
  1. Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis: An enduring love that lasted two careers
    Talk about one historical power couple! Ruby Dee and Ossie Davis demonstrated how two people can make their love endure through both dedication and honesty. Though both of them were successful actors (both on stage and in film), they always seemed to share a deep appreciation of each other and valued their relationship and their careers equally. Rudy Dee and Ossie Davis prove that good communication and honesty can help true love last for a lifetime.
  2. Harriette & Harry T. Moore: Transcending love to shed light on injustice
    Some love stories are able to go far beyond the relationships themselves in order to teach us something about the world that we all live in. When a fire bomb went off under their home, Harriette and Harry T. Moore were two of the first lives lost in the civil rights movement. As the head of the NAACP in Florida, Harry was working diligently to overturn the faulty convictions of two young African American men at the time of the bombing. The Moores had been married for 25 years at the time of their deaths, and while the duration of their marriage is certainly worth celebrating, it is also important to note exactly how and why they died — and the greater lesson that their deaths taught the world about correcting its injustices at any cost.
  3. Coretta Scott & Martin Luther King. Jr.: A shared dedication to one purpose
    Coretta Scott King and her dynamic husband, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. taught us that love can thrive when there is a shared dedication to both purpose and legacy. Coretta was her husband’s right hand in his efforts for gaining equality for all Americans, and she was willing to take a step back when it was necessary in order to make sure the needs of their family were being met. Even after his assassination, their love continued to shine on through Coretta’s work to keep Dr. King’s memory alive — and in the way she continued to love and honor the great man that she once shared with the world
  4. Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance: Friendship is the key
    What a love story! These two actors met years ago at college and remained longtime friends — only to have that friendship evolve into real love many years later. You cannot help but look at Courtney and Angela and wonder if that friendship that you’ve been nourishing all these years could someday become something more. There is a tangible mutual respect and sense of magic heard in their voices when they speak of each other, and to make us all even more jealous, they are now parents to a set of adorable twins.

    Credit: LaDawn Black is a relationship expert, radio personality and the author of Stripped Bare: The 12 Truths for Landing the Very Best Black Man. Learn more at


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