Living Up To A Name

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BF90925E-19A1-461D-9040-0019BA5A7BBCI believe there is power in names just like it’s power in what you speak and think.

When you name something, whether it’s the name of your child, business or brand, etc. there is a connection that is formed that has the ability to manifest into who you are and what you value. I’m talking about the power of living up to something you NAME. It’s very important to think about the message you want to send when you are considering a name for a business, etc. and in the case of a person, the meaning of a name can translate a powerful message that is internalized and displayed through choices in life that you value and represent.

My business name, Chiccy Baritone Unlimited, LLC includes my poetic name Chiccy Baritone. What does that name mean? The root of Chiccy is ‘Chic’: Chic in appearance, poetic delivery and theory. “Chiccy” (pronounced like Chick-y) in slang terms meaning I am a ‘chick’. Baritone: Because my voice is deep and when I speak, I speak with God’s authority. I strive everyday to live up to my name…a name that I’m proud of and grateful to God to represent.

My business was birth after numerous opportunities to do spoken word poetry, or what I like to refer to as “speaking LIFE,” for several years at a local open mic in Greenville, SC that eventually turned into features in various cities and states all over the U.S. that included request to book me for weddings, to funerals, conferences, workshops, videos and so forth. The opportunities begin to expand even into a local movie appearance doing poetry and voice over work for nonprofits and a world renowned ministry. My prayers of never limiting God and allowing Him to open whatever door He could open in order for people to be inspired, spiritually uplifted or encouraged were being answered and now being 20+ years in, I am remain in AWE of God and Him growing me into “what’s next”…

I wanted to share in a video a summary of several years that I felt captured the heart of me and what my heart’s desire is as an Artist that is not just a Poet but also a Motivational Speaker, Blogger, Author, Podcaster and a CHICK who Loves GOD and People. The mantra of my business is what I do and that is:

Self – Expression | World – Outreach | People – Progression

Can words do ALL of that? Absolutely! I have believed it and seen it with my own eyes and felt it deeply in my heart, soul and spirit. If the words that God impress upon my spirit can reach your heart, pass any pain or blockage due to life’s transgressions, that is the reward as an artist. And in the words of my forever mentor, Dr. Maya Angelou,“The desire to reach for the stars is ambitious. The desire to reach hearts is wise.”

Check out my video Who Is Chiccy Baritone?

Stay connected!~

Xoxo Charlene Evans aka Chiccy Baritone

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