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Every Time We Speak, We Are Prophesying Our Future

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A scripture I hold very close to my heart is Proverbs 18:21 and it says,”The tongue has the power of life and death,
and those who love it will eat its fruit.”(NIV)….

So in other words, your life takes on the shape of what is spoken! Yes, being negative attracts negativity just as being positive attracts positivity. What will the fruit of your lips taste like? LIFE….or DEATH?

Years ago, I wrote this poem called,”Lips-based off of Proverbs 18:21″ which is on my poetry CD,”Wildflower Vol.1. Check out a snippet of the poem here and option to purchase! http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/chiccybaritone  —shameless plug::Ha! The  message in the poem is simply this…be careful what you SPEAK! If you feel like you live a defeated life and ‘everything bad always happens to me’ then check your conversation…Do you complain all the time? Have something negative to say all the time? Never look at a situation in a positive manner? Predict every outcome to be bad? Speak discouragement over every situation that is challenging? (….this list of negativity can go on and on, but I think you get the point) then your words and thoughts will begin to shape your life!

Going into 2016 and what this year will LOOK like for you will depend on what your ‘release’ out of your mouth. Your life will begin to take shape based on what you speak. So make a conscious decision to watch the words you speak…the conversations that you have…and believe by FAITH, that everything will work out! God said it would and I believe it! “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

I have enjoyed sharing my top 5 nuggets of 2015 with you. I pray these Blogs have been a blessing to you! Happy NEW YEAR!!!!!!!

2016..today is page 1 of 365

Happy New Year Nugget Blog#5 (last blog for the New Year series)

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“Only Those Who Care About You Can Hear You When You’re Quiet.”

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“Only those who care about you can hear you when you’re quiet.”

This is the first countdown Blog to the New Year going into 2016. Starting today, Monday, Dec 28th until Friday, January 1st I will be posting some nuggets from 2015 with the hopes that you will be either inspired or reflective as it pertains to your own life.
As I get older, the circle of genuine friendships becomes smaller. I know to say “smaller” has a different interpretation for different people, but whatever that number is, you will receive a different response from every friend pertaining to your need in that friendship.
There will not be one friend that will fulfill every area of your life.
I repeat…
There will not be one friend that will fulfill every area of your life.
Just like a mentor for your professional life may not necessary be the same mentor for your spiritual life.
So as soon as I took the pressure off of myself from thinking this way, I saved myself a lot of disappointment.
But one thing that is common in every person I call friend is their ability to hear my silence. Some will pick up on it immediately and some may take longer, and it’s not that they don’t care, but depending on their life and their level of responsibility, their response time may be different. In the big scheme of things, response time has to be put in perspective. What I want you to think about is if that friend or friends in your circle that know the difficult season of life you are in and they don’t reach at all. Even after a face to face or phone conversation, they never ask you how you are doing or what’s going on in that situation. How do you feel about the difficult situation(s) in your life?
It may sound minute, but I promise you, it goes a very long way in any relationship. Most people do not like to expose their vulnerabilities, hurt or pains in life. Even some of the most encouraging people to others find it best to ‘suffer in silence’ because hey, every strong person should never have ‘weak’ moments, huh? Yeah right! That’s the biggest misconception…
So, if this person you call friend is silent. It means something. And most of the time, the silence is attached to pain….and if they say it’s not, you will know if you claim to have a close relationship with this person. One that includes the spirit which discerns truth and can reveal hurt through the most convincing smile.
Now, examine who you call friend…and think, when was the last time you ‘heard’ from any of your friends…what was their response to your victory and pain in life? Are they non responsive to your victory? (Don’t answer that….that’s a WHOLE DIFFERENT BLOG!!!!—haha!) but seriously….to your pain or your ‘silence’ are they non responsive? Think about that and adjust accordingly… Read the rest of this entry »