Greetings from S. Africa!

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So…I must begin this post with an apology for missing my deadline to post Friday, May 30th. My travels began on Wednesday, May 28th from the U.S and I landed in Johannesburg, S.Africa 5pm local time. Thursday and Friday were a ‘blur’ as I tried to navigate through the city while fighting “jet lag.” The biggest mistake you can make traveling internationally is going to bed when “jet lag” tries to take over! Your sleep pattern will be a rough adjustment! *smile* So keep moving until bed time!

As of today, Thursday, June 5th, I have been in country for a week and a lot has happened. I visited Nelson Mandela Square because it never gets old to me, as I have visited it last year on my trip here. I also did a half day tour of Soweto, toured Liliesleaf, The old fort and Constitution Hill. Sunday service was at Rivers Church in Sandton then Monday, June 2nd I flew to Capetown for four days. Due to weather, my tour to Robben Island and Table Mountain were cancelled so I was pretty “bummed” about that but it is the beginning of Winter and not the greatest time to be in Capetown. However, we did get a tour on the red bus tour which was very informative! I saw all of the major attractions like the V&A Waterfront, Sea Point, multiple museums, hotels, the botanical garden, the high court civil annex, multiple African markets, coffee shops and ate at some pretty amazing restaurants!


Today is Friday, June 6th and I spent most of my day at the Apartheid Museum…3 1/2 hours later and I could have easily stayed all day! Wow…is an understatement..what a wonderful depiction of all the events leading to the beginning, the in between and the end of Apartheid. Truly one of the highlights of my trip!

As I settle in for the evening, I am looking forward to tomorrow because I will have the distinct honor of performing alongside other local S.African Artist on the campus of the University of Pretoria, Saturday, June 7th! The event is called,”UnMasked”. Words can not describe how grateful I feel to not only visit this beautiful country again but to also come back to do something I Love…Spoken Word Poetry!

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The Many Faces of a Mother (In honor of Mother’s Day on May 11, 2014)

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The Many Faces of a Mother

In honor of Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 11, 2014, I felt obligated to write a special blog post to every man and woman for this special holiday. Honoring the woman who gave birth to you or to the woman who didn’t birth you biologically but she raised you and she is the only woman who YOU call mom. How about the step mom who stood in the gap and said, “Yes,” when it was time to take care of you because of a “life” circumstance? (am I getting warm?lol) Or, how about a woman who has no blood relation to you but she “feels” like mom because you never met your mom? Please allow me to take a moment to speak to your heart as I speak to mine.

You see, my mom died on Tuesday, April 26, 2011 and I remember it like it was yesterday. As painful as that memory was, I recorded that day in my journal so that I will never forget it because even through my pain at the time it was written, I knew that I would want to go back and recall the details of my emotions and my mindset at the age of 33. Another interesting fact; I was the last one to talk to her the night before she passed through a phone conversation where my mom was being my mom…consoling me through words of comfort because of a bad breakup and reassuring me of who I am, boldly proclaiming that the right one will come along. The conversation was long and ended like all conversations end with my mom,”I Love You”…I miss those talks so much…

But let me tell you how amazing God is when it comes to us, his children. Prior to my mom passing, I have been blessed with some wonderful friendships ranging in age from women who are around my age to women who are around the age of my mom or older. Some, not all, have taken on the role unconsciously as my “mother” in so many ways. They have become the many faces to a mother and I believe that God knows who to send and when to send them to your life. They help ease the pain of that void and they are assigned and appointed to “Mother” YOU!

Embrace it

These women have made a “love decision” to be there for you and hopefully if it is a situation where your mom is no longer living, they help to keep her memories alive!

Roles in life will become interchangeable as people live and die, but one thing is for sure, you are not ALONE! [John 14:18(NIV) “I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.”]

That’s right, you are not alone…you have GOD and you have that woman who has the title of “Mom”. Happy Mother’s Day! ~Much Love…Chiccy Baritone