The death of Mike Brown…What are you telling your children??

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I believe the world stood still on Sat, August 9, 2014 when we learned about the death of 18 year old Michael Brown. This young man was gun down holding his hands up after having an altercation with a cop. Although a lot of detail about the incident is still unknown, the way that this young man died was heartless and the force used by law enforcement, to me, was excessive. Autopsy reports show that he was shot six times with two of the bullets being in his head. In an outrage, a multitude of citizens in the city of Ferguson, Missouri have been protesting his death for over a week now with multiple arrest and still questions of why this cop killed this child. As I continue to listen for details about this case every day I can’t help but wonder the conversations that are starting to come out of this. The conversations that we need to have with our children because…

Our children are watching..

So… It’s all over the news..and people are talking about it and offering up their opinion about how justice needs to be served. Your child is waiting to hear from you. I’m sure it is a difficult conversation to initiate but how many more of our youth will experience death before you speak up? The response that has already been displayed, with the exception of protesting, has been unacceptable. Riots broke out and people begin looting local businesses. I don’t want to excuse this behavior as an acceptable way to express your anger nor is this going to bring awareness to the issue.
Expressing anger comes with options and responsibility. Unfortunately, we don’t want to hear that when we decide to express our anger through actions that are not conducive to the cause. Yes, I believe in protesting this young man’s life and yes, words are powerful and can bring change but abusing or “ab-using” our voice and actions does not help an already difficult situation.

Our children are watching…

But this could have easily been your child and if it was, let’s rewind to the years, days and moments that you have right now to influence the thoughts your child may have in response to authority outside the home.

Do you create scenarios of what ifs with your children?

You know what that does? It allows you to hear your child’s thought process and give you the opportunity, as a parent, to make corrections where you see necessary.

So, currently, I don’t have children but I’m not excused from the responsibility. I have a niece that is a teenager and even though this was not an incident with a girl, it very well could have been.
Your child need more than the opinion of television or strangers. I think this is a great time to revisit history on some of the protest demonstrations of the 60’s and 70’s. This is also a great time to talk about both sides of this story (as far as what we know right now) and try to understand why this cop, officer Darren Wilson, felt the need to gun this child down. We don’t want our children to begin putting every cop in a category of “all cops are bad” nor do we want our children to be naive about the cops that exercise their authority improperly. So my request to the parents…since you know your child is ‘watching’, let’s Speak UP..

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