Verbal Communication Is Lost…

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Transparent Moment:

Electronics are such a blessing and a ‘crutch’ to our society. And its amazing how you really have to think hard about how it use to be before cell phones, texting and tablets. Me and my childhood friends loved getting on 3 way and spending hours laughing but not AS MUCH as us meeting at the stop sign on the corner which was a perfect intersection between one friend living up the street and the other friend living across the street. We will be there until the sun went down laughing and talking about what happened at school. You really took out the time to get to know a person…facial expressions, laughs and all:-)

Now…talking on the phone is a last resort if you could text what you have to say and emoji’s express our thoughts in our head because our faces are not doing those expressions as we text. Our art of communication, even with multiple streams of communicating, is very limited because we are slowly becoming a generation that doesn’t want to express ourselves publicly or verbally if we don’t have to. I love communicating and even though its easier to text or email, I make a point to reach out through actions and deed. If I am in the office, I will walk to my co-workers desk instead of calling, just to make a face to face connection. With my friends, I try to pick up the phone and call or visit just to make the face to face connection. I want to see your face and hear your voice. I value the human connection.

There are insurmountable amounts of information that is lost through a lack of physical and verbal communication. Those pieces could be holding healing, love, misunderstanding, creation, freedom, resolutions and peace…….so I challenge you…before you allow the disappointment of a disagreement to be the last word in a conversation via text or email…Pick up the phone or get in your car and go see the person. What we try to resolve with no human connection can sometimes eliminate unnecessary time lost and restoration of that situation can sometimes be resolved in a moment::

xoxo Chiccy Baritone

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